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Course Code: TAE40116

The TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is Australia’s leading training qualification, suited to workplace training roles across many industries. If you’re looking to get into Vocational Education and Training (VET) or wish to learn how to facilitate learning in the workplace, this is the course for you!

Where Can The Cert IV In Training And Assessment Take You?

Get qualified to work as a professional trainer and assessor in Australian TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations with Australia’s “Train the Trainer” qualification, the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. As Australia’s top vocational trainer qualification, the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course will provide you with the training and help you develop the confidence to become a qualified trainer, facilitator or assessor in either the workplace or a VET environment. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be qualified to tackle roles such as:

  • TAFE Teacher
  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Trainer or Assessor
  • Enterprise Trainer or Assessor
  • Training Adviser
  • Training Needs Analyst
  • Vocational Education Teacher
  • Any career that requires Workplace Training skills

TAE Course Delivery Options

As a Nationally Recognised and Accredited course, the Cert IV in Training and Assessment is designed to open up new possibilities for your career in the training industry.

The most effective method of delivery is through Mixed Mode Online Learning, enabling students to complete their Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116) as fast as they’d like. This enables busy professionals wishing to upskill their abilities to become qualified in the Training industry without having to attend lengthy classes or workshops.

What Will You Learn in Your Training and Assessment Course?

During your Cert IV in Training and Assessment course, you’ll find out how to develop learning packages, contribute to and plan assessment activities, assess competence and participate in validation. The Certificate IV in TAE course will also teach you how to meet your client’s needs through the use of accredited or other training packages.

Course Structure

Mixed Mode Online Course Learning:

How Is The Course Delivered?

Studying the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment through the mixed mode online delivery allows you to take advantage of a self-paced and flexible learning environment. Resources are hosted on the student portal and can be accessed 24/7. Live webinars are regularly with pre-recorded copies available for your use anytime.

How Long Will I Have To Finish My Course?

You can start TAE training any time throughout the year. You will have 12 months to complete the course from your enrolment date through mixed mode online learning.

When you enrol in this course, you will complete a Personal Learning Plan Evaluation to determine your existing skill and knowledge level that is relevant to this qualification. Upon completion of the evaluation, you will be given a training plan where you will be assigned one of the following cohorts:

• Beginner– limited knowledge or skill and no recent related industry experience. Study hours is up to 1201 hours.

• Intermediate– moderate prior knowledge and skill with limited recent related industry experience. Study hours is up to 981 hours.

• Advanced– extensive knowledge and skill with recent related industry work experience of one year or more. Study hours is up to 748 hours.

• Expert– consists of individuals with current industry experience of 2 or more years and extensive knowledge and skill. These candidates are recommended to undertake a full recognition pathway. This includes candidates holding TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment who are currently working in the vocational education sector. Study hours is up to 600 hours.

How Much Time Should I Spend On My Course Per Week?

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is expected to take around 1201 hours of study especially for the beginner cohort to complete. This is equal to about 23 hours study per week over 12 months, however you may work at your own pace and complete your course faster if you’d like!



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